Age Differences - Fact or FICTION?

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Age Differences - Fact or FICTION?

Post by #1! on 9th August 2008, 3:38 pm

Or, as I typed it originally "Fact of FUCKTION?"

Looks like I'm the oldest, with my birth year being 1908! Which is wicked, since this forum layout doesn't allow you to put in an age over 99 years old. BUT I BEAT IT! AHAHAHAH! This, of course, makes it so that nobody can imput an age older than my own. EAT IT.

The Dark Power is a single year younger than my own wrinkled arse. I beat you out of the womb and I continue to win. hohoho!

Everybody else who doesn't have three digits in their age isn't worth commenting on. Eat it, everybody who wasn't born in the same year that King Carlos I of Portugal was assassinated!

NOTE: It's up to you, THE READER, to determine if all facts submitted on #1's profile are either: A) correct, B) super-correct, or C) so beyond correct that they ascend all your puny human ideas of "truth"


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Re: Age Differences - Fact or FICTION?

Post by The Dark Power on 26th August 2008, 4:39 am

I fit squarely in the A category - I am 99 years old and I'm just behind you *stab*.

The Dark Power
NiNJA! WiT' tEh H0nEYZ!
NiNJA! WiT' tEh H0nEYZ!

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