Dalelands - Ashaen'lal Suhtok

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Dalelands - Ashaen'lal Suhtok

Post by ^^Truth on 22nd January 2008, 11:24 am

Ashaen'lal Suhtok, 5th level Druid

Strength : 11
Dexterity : 14
Constitution : 10
Intelligence : 12
Wisdom : 16
Charisma : 13

Race : Aquatic Elf
Class : Druid
XP : 11,650
Alignment : True Neutral (Good)

Hit Points : 27

Feats : Breathing Link, Landwalker

Skills Points : 40
Skills : -
Balance : 2
Concentration : 2
Craft, Jewelry : 3
Disguise : 1
Escape Artist : 1
Handle Animal : 4
Heal : 5
Hide : 2
Knowledge, Nature : 5
Search : 3
Sense Motive : 1
Spellcraft : 1
Survival : 3
Swim : 6

Languages : Faerunian Trade, Seusan Trade, Elven, Aqauan, Druidic

Sex : Female
Age : 128
Height : 4'7"
Weight : 86 lbs


Asha stands just over four and a half foot and cannot weigh much more than eighty or ninty pounds. This alien-looking elfin woman has a distinct shade of light blue skin with darker tiger-stripes running across her face and body. Her hair is a vibrant shade of green and often worn up and with an assortment of oddities woven in, clashing heavily with her unreal bright yellow eyes.

Her clothing is worn loose and is light-weight in style with several layers worn over each other in a quasi-arabian style, most of it is semi-transparent, but she is suitably covered up. Her clothes tend to be dyed with outrageous yellows and reds, likely for the contrast. At most times she is wearing a pair of dark blue gloves and a pair of white and blue slip-on shoes. However most of the time around people she's wrapped fully up in a thin but large black cowled cloak.

She carries an odd grey leather shoulder bag and hanging from her right hip is a gold-hilted cutlass. Her wrists and ankles are adorned with bracelets and anklets made with various materials, bone being the most common, yet the odd piece of gold is evident. Her fingers themselves are adorned with quite a few rings. Otherwise she appears to have very little in the way of posessions or travelling gear.

Her current outfit includes a thin yellow undershirt that stops just above her belly button with a red, orange and yellow transparent pull-over shirt that reaches her midrift. Hints of a red-bra is just visible underneath the two layers. She wears orange thigh length tight shorts and a golden yellow knee-length skirt, it's tie up and thus totally open on the left hand side.

Generally hanging from her or climbing all over her is a small, cute-looking white furred monkey.


I'm not writing the background up at all, it's far too long and covers about 90 odd years, but I've put about 20-30 hours thinking time in to the background, so don't be afraid to ask Asha questions should the urge appear, it's not going to make a difficult situation because there is none.

Infact, I'd seriously encourage it, because quite a lot of it should work in to nice RPing scenarios and some of it coming back up is important to her future developement. Especially alignment wise.

However, pieces of it will just come up (I hope) from time to time anyway, so don't worry too hard.
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