D&D - Eastern Heartlands - Videl's Introduction

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D&D - Eastern Heartlands - Videl's Introduction

Post by illumination on 28th December 2007, 3:14 am

Your feet sink deeper into the muck. Somehow one of your boots has sprang a leak and icy cold swamp water bathes your foot. Wiping a little mud from your face you take in your surroundings. Your in the Farsea marshes, on the north western edge of that embattled human nation, Cormyr. Your specific purpose here is the collection of spider eggs, for magical research naturally. That has gone very well, and you now carry a small bag filled with valuble cargo.

Unfortunately, other aspects of your trip have gone badly. Your 'adventuring' collegues whom you met a few tenday's ago in Berdusk have each succumbed to swamp fever, spider bites, and finally cowardice. Now you tread the swamp alone, and lost since the 'ranger' left and didnt come back. And to top it all, you seem now to stand little chance of making your appointment with Droinn Daktha, whom you have agreed to meet in the city of Tantras far to the east on midsummer's day. Droinn has been in Thay, studing conjuration magic, and you have a lot invested in copying his new spells.

Unhappily you trudge on, eyes peering through the permanent freezing fog that haunts this marsh. You doubt you'll survive without some help...


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