Ravenloft - Collie McLanne

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Ravenloft - Collie McLanne

Post by Kuroryuu on 30th July 2012, 10:22 am

Name: Collie McLanne
Class: Wizzard
Level: 9
Alignment: Undisclosed
Gender: Female
Age: 36


Health: ??
BAB: +6/+1
AC: 10
Gaelic (First)


Will: 6
Fort: 3
Ref: 3


Str: 8 -1
Dex: 10 +0
Con: 11 +1
Intel: 16 +3
Wis: 13 +1
Char: 12 +1



Dagger (Kept in left sock)
Damage 1d4 19-20/x2 Range 10ft


Skills: 60 Left 0

Knowledge: Geography 3 (6)
Knowledge: Nature 3 (6)
Knowledge: Religeon 2 (5)
Knowledge: Rituals 3 (6)
Craft: Alchemy 4 (Cool
Healing 10 (11)
Perform: Wind Instruments 2 (3)
Ride 3 (5)
Handle Animal 2 (5)
Concentration 5 (6)
Diplomacy 5 (6)
Listen 3 (4)
Search 1 (4)
Spellcraft 7 (12)
Decipher Script 1 (4)
Use Magic Device 1 (4)
Sense Motive 3 (4)
Perform: Wind Instruments 2 (3)
Survival: 4 (5)


Feats: 5 Left 0

Brew Potion
Animal Affinity
Magical Aptitude



Old Battered Book
Quill and ink
Oil Flasks x1
Empty Clay Flask
Candles (Numerous)
Flint and tinder
Assorted herbs (Medicinal etc)
Healers kit
Bag of various small bones
A few sticks of chalk
Bag of gunpowder.
Woad paint
2x Mysterious books
1x Language book to translate mysterious books


Spell List:



Standing before you is middle aged lass whom has clearly been living what she
would call the 'good life'. Auburn hair flows down about her shoulders, free
of any restraints a symbol of her life which thus far has had very little in
the way of restrictions. Collie's skin is weathered and tanned, yet it still
has a very silky smooth look to it. Upon her left hand was a rather interesting scar or tatoo, it looked like a black imprint of a child's hand Usually she is seen wearing a simple grey
tartan robe with a dark green cloak held in place by an intricate looking
clasp. Speaking of jewlery, a thick gold Torc hangs about her neck... at its
ends are two dragon's heads and upon her arms are a few thick bangles. A
large satchel rests upon her shoulder bulging with all sorts of things.
Collie looks most certainly out of place within modern, civilized society yet
shows little care as passers by no doubt shoot her scornful glares.

Now adorning her right arm is a few tribal looking bracelets, running up to her elbow:http://img.alibaba.com/wsphoto/v0/370431666/free-shipping-wholesale-mix-lot-48pcs-ox-bone-tribal-bracelets-mixed-jewelry-bracelet-fashion-bracelet-jewelry.jpg


Gypsie, Traveller, Whore, Harlot ... Witch. In her life Collie has been named
them all and then some more. Granted her lifestyle has not helped her with
her reputaiton amongst a few of the villages. Being brought up by the old
village hag whom herself had attracted the attention of the local villagers
one too many times herself for various acts of witchcraft probably only
fueled the uncertainty and hatred.

To Collie the hag was a Mother and a guardian, the person whom provided to
her a means to life and of course the majority of her talent outside the
bedroom. At the age of six, her parents left her on the streets to fend for
herself... it was a bitter and cold winter and Collie had almost died, yet a
kind old lady beckoned her in to her shelter. Had she known of who she was at
the time, Collie would have more than likely run away but the innocence of
youth allowed her to be open minded. The old lady was kind, warm and quite
loving though perhaps a bit strange to a six year old for she had a large and
strange collection of things - one being a shrunken skull in a jar.

Although the villagers were often wary of the Hag, they often came to her for
advice on matters and for healing - often of the embarrasing nature. It was a
mutual thing and it paid for the food on the table. At the age of ten, the
Hag (Whom by now she learned the name of - Martha McLanne.) began to teach
her how to tend to the wounds of the villagers and how to make medicine from
herbs grown in the wild. Collie's first patient was quite memorable, a young
boy whom had gotten his genitalia bitten by a horse after trying to force it
to perform felatio. The young boy's skin was quite mauled and chewed off.
Under the guidance of Martha (and the boys screaming), she removed a lot of
the damaged flesh and stitched it back together. It was also the first time
she had saw a male in the flesh and it stirred a few curiosities in her mind,
though she shoved them deep down and recessed carnal thoughts.

Years passed and Collie saw and heard many a strange thing. At the age of
fifteen Martha's teaching began to become more indepth and took a strange
turn. The Hag began to teach her odd rituals and rites which came with
strange results. Some of the rituals were ones which aparantly read the
individuals future, others were curses and some were tricks to do with
gunpowder which created fireballs. Collie learned many a thing from Martha
and became quite adept in flinging fireballs and other creative little tricks
to do with gunpowder.

Sadly all things must come to an end. Martha took Collie out to an old burial
ground where they began to perform a ritual together to ward off evil
spirits. Somthing went terribly wrong... somthing which Collie to this day
will not speak about, yet somthing hunts her. Martha looked to Collie and
they both vanished from the village travelling together for a few days before
one night Collie awoke after hearing some strange noises and the Hag was
gone. Now, at the age of 18 she was alone for the first time... frightened
you could say. All that was left of her Mother was an old book which she
guarded closely, this book contained the witches knowledge which was passed
down unto her and it contained much more than what was taught to her.
Studying the contents of the book would take her an entire lifetime. Flicking
through it briefly she noted blank pages at the back... perhaps for her to
leave her own legacy...

Flicking through town to town seeking refuge amongst the locals she began to
earn her names and the rumors began to follow her from place to place. Collie
provided aid where it was needed, only resorting to her rituals and
spellcraft when she was sure she was alone.

Sexual curiosity grew too... she begun to tend to the villagers in more
exotic healing methods. Her preference leaning heavily toward the females
that came to her for such and quite often charged them less or nothing for
these acts. With sexual promiscuity came children. Collie had two wee bairnes
whom she named Maggie after her 'Mother' and Shane, both of which she raised
in the ways set to her by Maggie. Collie almost married too til her refusal
to give up the old ways scared off a potential husband. That man was never
found again.

After much travelling and searching around Lanark, she came upon a place
where she found people much like herself and much more accepting of her ways.
She settled there and begun to start her life again, raising the children in
the image which to her was proper.

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