D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms - Eastern Heartlands 1372 DR

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D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms - Eastern Heartlands 1372 DR

Post by ^^Truth on 20th December 2007, 5:28 am

The current campaign is starting in the Eastern Heartlands in 1372 DR, Faerun. Currently the campaign is starting in the frosty mountainous regions of Cormyr.

Currently the group consists of four PCs. A bard, a paladin and two wizards, so please bear that in mind when considering your own PC. Another bard or paladin (or to some extent sorcerer/wizard), wouldn't be advised since there are since gaping holes in the party make up, but not completely out of the question if you have your heart set.

The current character generator rules are as follows.

Level : 4th
XP : 6,000 XP

Race : Player's Handbook only.
Classes : Player's Handbook only.
Alignment : Free Choice (but bare in mind that there is a paladin in the group)

Attribute System : Free Choice (you can distribute 75 points freely across the attributes in any order you wish)
Attribute Points : 75 (not including the bonus point from 4th level)

Example #1 Free Choice Attribute system.

Strength : 15
Dexterity : 9
Constitution : 14
Intelligence : 11
Wisdom : 10
Charisma : 16

Example #2 Free Choice Attribute system.

Strength : 8
Dexterity : 17
Constitution : 12
Intelligence : 18
Wisdom : 11
Charisma : 9

Starting Gold : 2,500 GP
Item Availibility : Masterwork, 1 minor magical item, 3 potions, 5 scrolls. (note all of the above must be paid out of starting gold)

Extra Sourcebooks : None

As a note however, all the rules above maybe changed slghtly to accomodate various ideas, as a rule of thumb, if the above says you can't have something you want, but you absolutely postively need it, then ask whoever is the current or next in-line DM.

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Re: D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms - Eastern Heartlands 1372 DR

Post by silverserpent on 2nd January 2008, 9:42 am

OOOOH OOOH OOOH CAN I PLAY? I want to play a half dragon-half drow wich are called Dragows and i'll be a ranger with a cool magic item thats a black panther I can call to me anytime I want. Her name will Drazzt and she'll be a real kickass ranger with two swords and everything.


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