Group/General Information (please read)

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Group/General Information (please read)

Post by ^^Truth on 20th December 2007, 5:23 am


We are currently a group of four and are quite picky about new arrivals, but thats not to say they aren't welcome. Sessions tend to be RP based, we arent really into number crunching and statistical
analysis. We play D&D and Shadowrun occasionally, and have done a bit of Mechwarrior, Vampire, and CoC in the past. Currently its D&D 3.5 in the Eastern Heartlands of Fareun which has just kicked off in 1372DR. (BTW, No problems if you arent familiar with the setting)


Two of our four are UK based, therefore game times revolve around GMT. At it stands, games are arranged on an adhoc basis and arranged via email, AIM or ICQ. They tend to be in the evenings (GMT), Sundays are also popular. Attendance at every session is not a requirment, but fairly regular input and rocking up when you say you are going to rock up is important.


Myself (Mike) and Iain (Baatorian) currently DM in short spurts of a couple of sessions each, Dennis (Zert), is threatening to DM as well so we may all be DM's of a sort soon. New players wont be expected to DM until they bed in to the group, and indeed they dont ever have to get involved in the DMing side of life if they do not want. (but it would be nice Smile )

What to do next

If the above sounds like it appeals, take a look at some of our logs, or lurk in a game to get a feel for the pace and how things go, if it still looks good then crack on and make a PC based on the character
generation rules below. Tell us something about the PC's personality, aims, strengths and weaknesses and we'll see if we can work out a way of getting it in there.

Where to Find Us.

Normally we have our own server which you'll find in the normal list called Baatorians Domain. However from time to time we play within the Mayhem Gaming server, under the room name as above.
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