Newcomers Please Read!

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Newcomers Please Read!

Post by ^^Truth on 19th December 2007, 3:02 am

Heya there. Please ignore a lot of the innane dribble around here, it isn't that bad in general, though really, that is what this section of the forums is for.

If you're looking to see what games we're playing and thinking about joining up, head over to the recruitment forum (obviously).

If you want to see what kind of PCs we make (which is a good indication to our play-style and what kind of characters we would accept in our games), then check out the characters section.

If you want to see bits and pieces of our games in progress and the way we handle things, why not pop in to the in-character section. Although as a note, we do the large majority of everything in OpenRPG and only do tid bits of storylines during the week via these forums to keep things going and fresh in the mind.

Regardless, play nice.

- Baatorian
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