D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft

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D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft

Post by ^^Truth on 27th December 2011, 10:49 am

Character Generation and PC-related Information.

Choice: Human only.

Choice: Good inclined.

*At least one good PC to every non-good PC. First PC made must be good (naturally).
Note: Please do not write your alignment on your character sheet. Thanks!

Unallowed*: Barbarian**, Druid, Monk, Sorcerer.
Multi-classing: Very limited. RPing only.
Prestige Classes: As above.

*at least without a good back story and reason. Sorcerer is removed however because there would be no difference between a sorcerer and wizard.
**Barbarians are fine, however should be seen as "lesser" skilled individuals high on emotions and prone to fits of rage, not savages from the forest wearing beast hides.

Method: Purchase.
Points: 18*/**
Maximum Score: One 20, otherwise 16.

*I.E. 14,13,12,10,9,8.
**Bonus attribute points will be every other level. I.E. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

Hit Points
Method: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and then every odd level*.
Note: HP is rolled as (average-2)+dice that would let you reach maximum.

*I.E. you roll for HP and add CON bonus at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.

Starting Level
Choice: 3, 5 or 7.
Note: May seem odd at first. But lower level characters may receive potentially better starting equipment and potentially very unique abilities. This will compensate those that would rather start high level. Thus it's possible to make the extreme experienced warrior or the young and naive thief without one overall being stronger/weaker than the other (at least in the long run).

Situation: Throwing magic per say out of the window. It will be rare, scary and powerful and adhere to the philosophy of Ravenloft. Wizards, Clerics and Bards will still be a legitimate choice. I'll deal with them on an individual basis when and if required. There will be other means of healing and such, although I expect the Healing skill to play a larger role in the game.
Note 1: Picking a spell casting class imparts ability to use magic, rather than spell lists and such. Details will be worked out later.
Note 2: Wizards will be compensated with Thief HP, BAB and weapon/armour proficiencies.
Note 3: Wizards do not suffer arcane spell failure in light armour. Bards do not suffer arcane spell failure in medium armour.

Flintlock Pistol
Damage: 2d6* Critical: 16-20 Misfunction: 1-3 Range: 10' (30' -2) Reload: 2 standard actions.
Damage: 3d6* Critical: 16-20 Misfunction: 1-3 Range 20' (80' -1)*** Reload: 2 full round actions.
Damage: 3d6* Critical: 16-20 Misfunction: 1-3 Range: 40' (240' -1) Reload: 2 full round actions.
Bayonet (plug)**
Damage: 1d6 Critical 19-20 Special: Can be inserted as a move action.

Advanced Falkovnian Flintlock Pistol
Damage: 2d6* Critical: 16-20 Misfunction: 1-3 Range: 30' (90' -3) Reload: 2 standard actions.
Advanced Falkovnian Musket
Damage: 3d6* Critical: 16-20 Misfunction: 1-3 Range: 120' (720' -2) Reload: 2 full round actions.
Falkovnian Socket Bayonet
Damage: 1d6 Critical 19-20 Special: Can be attached at all times and the musket can still be fired, yet with a -2 penalty to ranged attacks.

*reroll any dice that comes up 5 or higher, thus 5 or 6 basically.
**fits into a musket. Requires one minute to remove once jammed in.
*** can be used on horseback
Note: Firearms ignore light and medium armour.

Rapid Reload (firearms): Reduces flintlock reload time to 1 standard action and musket reload time to 1 full round action.

Heal: Heal works as normal. Although a person can try to properly help someone. Only one attempt may be made per set of injuries. The attempt takes five minutes and heals back 1 hit point per point above 10. So a check of 22 would heal back 12 hit points. If the check fails, the damage has been done and no hit points can be returned. Very low scores may induce diseases.

Notes and Adjustments
Firearms: If you would be proficient in light crossbows, you are proficient with flintlocks. If you would be proficient with heavy crossbows, you are proficient with muskets.
Turning: Turning can no longer destroy undead. Turning is now a continuous action that can be maintained as a full round action. The amount of rounds it can be maintained a day is equal to the number of times you would have been able to use it. Use of turning automatically bars undead of approaching within 15' of the character with no maximum limit, however the level check roll must be made to make sure the cleric can hold off more powerful creatures.

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Re: D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft

Post by ^^Truth on 27th December 2011, 10:49 am

Background and Information

Ravenloft is primarily a gothic horror setting. Characters have a much greater significance attached to their acts, especially if they are morally impure, as they risk coming under the influence of the Dark Powers and gradually transforming themselves into figures of evil.

Old Map of the Core

New Map of the Core

The campaign may stretch across the "Core" (as seen above), while also taking the players through the mists of Ravenloft to other islands that exist in the demi-plane. Evil is stronger and ever present in the dark lands and any traveller should be wary, carefully considering when to fight and when to flee.

The denizens of Ravenloft are typically wary of strangers, unfriendly and merely trying to survive to the next day.

Player characters may either be natives of Ravenloft itself or outsiders brought to the demi-plane. Statistically there is no difference, but in role-playing terms the differences can be quite major, especially where knowledge and/or acceptance is concerned.


Please use the below link/topic for questions, queries and rules debates.



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Re: D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft

Post by ^^Truth on 27th December 2011, 10:49 am

People and Powers of Note

In Order of Appearance.

Duke Bryce Donncha - Dead. Death Unknown.
Duke of New Lanark, uncle to the Donncha children.

Lady Evina Donncha
Widow and mother to the Donncha children.
:remains and resides within Castle Lanark, offering her daughter, Adelinde Donncha, advice when required and ready to take over leadership of the lands when her daughter wishes to leave them.

Father Joseph Turner
Resident of Castle Lanark and personal adviser to the Donncha family.

Colonel Sir Samuel Jonasson
Weapon Master of House Donncha, Knight of the Realm, husband and father of three.
:after recovering from the injuries sustained in protecting Adelinde Donncha, he left with Margaret Hedges and Nathan Hawkes to guide them to Lowsofte and establish law and order in the settlement under Adelinde Donncha's command.
:having surrendered to the Duke of New Lanark's forces. He spent much time in the castle dungeons, his status and lands stripped from him and family kicked to the streets. He has since been released by the Duchess of New Lanark, Adelinde Donncha and had his status and lands returned to him.
:knighted by Adelinde Donncha, Duchess of New Lanark, he is currently overseeing the training of the young Lady and now personally in charge of her own forces.

Rivia of Barovia - Dead. Vanquished banishing the beast of Verbrek.
Leader of the Hunters; master hunter and legendary warrior.
:has currently left the group to try to deal with the otherworldly beast that himself and Adelinde Donncha allowed free upon the world.

Lady Margaret Hedges
Falkovnian widow, landowner and rebel sympathiser
:left Appleseed Manor to travel to Lowsofte to resettle her people away from the tyranny of Falkovnia.
:is currently residing in Lowsofte, New Lanark and overseeing the creation of ripe farms and some rebuilding, acting mostly as the landowner, even though she is not. She survived the brief Falkovnian occupation of the town and has again begun to to fix the damage caused by the occupation .
:has been made a Lady by Adelinde Donncha, the Duchess living up to her previous offer. Margaret has overseen a massive rebuilding and population of the Lowsofte region, turning much of the grounds in to fertile farmland which is just about feeding the massive population boom that has occured in New Lanark.

Falkovian rebel commander and talented lover.
:left the group to travel in to the woods and continue to fight against the tyranny of King Vlad Drakov

Second Lieutenant Major Nathan Hawkes
Ex-Falkovnian Officer.
:left to Lowsofte under the watchful eye of Samuel Jonasson.
:surrendered along with Samuel Jonasson to the Duke of New Lanark's forces, whilst he was not responsible for the death of the three guardsman at all. Has also since been released from captivity by the Duchess of New Lanark, Adelinde Donncha and offered a role within the military and a basic salary.
:having completed his term of service to Adelinde Donncha, decided to stay on in New Lanark under the service of the Duchess and promoted to Samuel Jonasson's deputy.

Count Malachi Donncha
Older brother to Adelinde Donncha and first second in line to the throne of New Lanark
:currently living in Falkovnia.

The Gentleman Caller
A deadly and lightning bladed mercenary, responsible for cutting both Adelinde Donncha and Abigail Posenby-Harcourt's throats in Verbrek.
:activities unknown to most.

Pierre DuBruice
An extremely opulent Richemulot businessman with a taste for the macabre and supernatural.
:currently trading new and advanced weaponry with Falkovnia.

An associate of Pierre DuBruice and never too far away from the wealthy man.

Domino - Alive. Was Presumed Dead.
An unknown entity, freed by Stanislav Kuzmenko in a dark ritual using the virgin blood of Adelinde Donncha.
:activities unknown to most.

Marie of Mordent - Alive. Assassinated, yet brought back from the dead.
Attractive half-sister to Stanislav Kuzmenko and Magi.
:left the group in Darkon with powerful magic to head back to her homeland of Mordent after recovering from the incident at her and Stanislav's mothers cottage.
:has recently travelled to New Lanark to take Adelinde Donncha up on her offer of visiting her homeland.
:after being murdered by a deathless assassin, Stanislav Kuzmenko, Adelinde Donncha and Sirius; Stanislav' uncle, retrieved her body from the Donncha Family crypts in New Lanark, fighting off a wave of attackers aiming for Sirius. Stanislav and Sirius took her back to their home in Mordent, sealing her soul in a crystal shard and later, then Stanislav was capable, resurrected the fallen girl with animal sacrifice and dark magic.

Oldest surviving member of the cursed people that inhabit the Lowsofte region.
:is currently a prisoner of Adelinde Donncha, despite his pleading protests that everyone, including himself, will regret it if he is not freed.
:having been released uncharged by the merciful Adelinde Donncha, Angus swore his loyalty to the now Duchess of New Lanark and left in peace to travel back to his people.

Healer and Musician of the Forest People.

Hand Maiden to Adelinde Donncha and victim of Duke Mathias Drakov's lust.

Mysterious inhabitant of Castle Lanark

Stanislav's uncle and master of the dark path.
:is currently tutoring Stanislav Kuzmenko, his nephew, in the art of the dark path.

Duke Mathias Drakov
Favoured nephew of King Vlad Drakov and "ambassador" to New Lanark.

Countess Serena Cray
Countess of Femoy and Foreign Minister for New Lanark

Miss Ivana Boritsi
Borcan estate owner, expert marksman and horsewoman.

Louis DuBruice
Only child of Pierre DuBruice and heir to his fortune, businesses and property.

Aide to Count Dimitri Tschorkov.

Count Dimitri Tschorkov
Count of II Aluk, Colonel of the 7th Northern Regiment and eligible bachelor.

Naranbaatar Khan
Nova Vaasan Lord of the Northern and Southern Plains.

Popular socialite within the upper echelons of Darkon.


In Order of Appearance....

Bishop Estran (Dead - Assassinated by bomb)
II Aluk Personality

Darkonian who keeps cropping up. She once rescued Victor from downing in the Vulchar river.

Associate of Victor's

Josef Rattinger aka 'The Rat'
Crime Syndicate Leader based in Blanquefort, Lamordia

Warrior from Mordent, apparently an old acquaintance of Victor's.

Huge Warrior from Verbrek, also an old friend of Victor's?

Martinique (Dead - Suicide)
Another person who claims to remember more of Victor's past than he does.

The Director / Katusha (Dead - Summarily executed ) / Jeanette (Dead - Axed to death)
A cold and calculating resident of the rebel Citadel with an uncanny resemblance to someone who tried to take Victor's head off.

Nawang (Dead - Murdered by knife)
Died in unfortunate circumstances.

Gustav Ringling
Ringmaster of a sinister travelling circus.

Amile Valette (Presumed Dead)
Eldest daughter of a noble family of land owners in Lamordia

Cynthia Valette
Sister of Amile

Count Aleksey and Lady Katrina
A charming couple the PC's met whilst enjoying themselves at a sordid party for the filthy rich of II Aluk.

The Cardinal
Someone the rich and powerful of Darkon fear?

Master of the Castle Izborsk, Camille's brother and the Duke of Karg

Shewolf, Alpha Female, Girl

Marchese Vincenzo Boritsi Romaine
Hated ruler in Latisana, Western Borca

Mihael Milianovic
Son of an engineer, refugee leader

Darinjka Milianovic
Sister of Mihael, self taught healer and devotee of Ezra

Mysterious character involved in Victor's release from the Marchese Vincenzo's torture chambers

Vittore De Luca
Expert assassin and member of the 'Nangdreta based in Borca, Levkarest

Major Anton Halasz (Dead, shot in the face)
Died in a duel with Warrant Officer Richard Brandt

Sophia Rose 18??-1840
Victor's daughter, as yet unborn? It seems she is destined to be buried on a desolate island with her father, Martinique and her young daughter.

'Angelika' ????-18??
Resident of a brothel and opium den in Nevuchar City, 1878. Future associate of Abigail?
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Re: D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft

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