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Post by illumination on 21st March 2011, 2:00 am

A minor thing I know but we oughta sort this out if we can. What do people speak in the planes, what do you need and whatnot.

What I suggest to simplify things is:

Planar Common/Trade/Whatever you wanna call it - Works fine in Sigil, the Outlands and is the most commonly spoken language in the multiverse.

Then, dialects branching off that depend on where you are on the great ring and the DM decides how severe they are. So, for example in Mount Celestia they speak Planar Common in a dialect influenced by Celestial. So you might want to call it,

Planar Common (Celestial) if you really want, or simply allow characters with both Celestial and Planar Common to understand the local tongue as they know both languages and can quickly adapt to the variation.

Similar to the above can be done elsewhere on the planes by adding the local dominant race language to the common tongue, so unless a character has both they will struggle to a greater or lesser extent at the DM's discretion (depending on how hardcore the local common variant language is).

As a rule of thumb say that the language spoken becomes more removed from standard planar common the deeper you go into a plane, so that on say, the 9th hell the words spoken are more infernal than anything else.

Now that might sound on the face of it complicated but its not really. Another example.

The PC's go to The Abyss - god help em. They start in Plague Mort (Gatetown) where planar common is fine, if accented. They enter the plane and are on the land of infinite portals (the top layer) where the common tongue spoken by the petitioners is somewhere between common and demonic and PCs without both begin to struggle. Deeper in on the 69th layer, characters with Demonic get more of the words than PCs with Common, while PCs with both can converse freely, and so on...

Thats the simplest way of dealing with it that I can think of without causing major arseaches and it frees up a few slots for characters like Ruby that have loads of langs they will likely never use.

- if we keep things in the confused and undefined format we are running at the minute.

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