Dalelands - Johan Wyvernspur

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Dalelands - Johan Wyvernspur

Post by ^^Truth on 6th December 2007, 11:13 pm

Johan Wyvernspur, 3rd level Paladin of Helm

Strength : 13
Dexterity : 10
Constitution : 11
Intelligence : 12
Wisdom : 11
Charisma : 13

Points 69/75

Race : Human
Class : Paladin
XP : 3,000 (+3,000)
Alignment : Lawful Good

Hit Points : 21

Feats : Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge.

Skills Points : 24
Skills : -
Appraise : 1
Concentration : 1
Diplomacy : 3
Gather Information : 1
Handle Animal : 1
Heal : 2
Intimidate : 1
Knowledge, Nobility : 3
Knowledge, Religion : 2
Listen : 1
Ride : 4
Sense Motive : 2
Spellcraft : 1
Spot : 1

Languages : Faerunian Trade, Chondathan, Celestial.

Sex : Male
Age : 17
Home : Immersea, Cormyr. (FRCS P.113)

Immersea (Small Town, 1,170) : This community is home to the Wyvernspur and Thundersword noble families, who inhabit several of the manors on the southwest end of town. Visitors are warned to respect anyone dressed in finery or displaying arrogance, since the families are powerful and not afraid of proving it.

Immersea is a stop on the trade road. It's Five Fine Fish inn produces ale famous throughout Cormyr. There are no temples here, but a large open-air shrine to Selune is maintained by a cleric of that faith. The lord of Immersea is Culspiir, a former herald of the previous lord.


Statistics are not fully spent because Johan is still young, I may increase his age by a year or two however, I'm still weighing up the implications of his age. The remaining points will be applied to his attributes as he ages. So hopefully this campaign will take place over a good few years, rather than the typical six months.

While the Wyvernspur noble family live in a small town, there are only two noble families mentioned throughout the entire Cormyr entry, so I'll assume they have far reaching hands and just like the place, or were born there(also it appears that they have plenty of control over the town, which I'm sure they wouldn't in Suzail).

Starting equipment depends greatly. Paladin's don't get their special mount until 5th level, yet I'm not sure I want to start without a horse, therefore was considering buying a high-quality horse and adapting it to the special mount. But I may just venture to start with something light and get the special mount in game (like you're supposed to).

It's worth a read of the Cormyr entry for anyone that has time or wants to get more involved with the PCs themselves. There is quite a lot of political strife in Cormyr it seems and it specifically mentions different families trying to get themselves to the throne and such. The Wyvernspurs sound like a bunch of bastards anyway. Also oddly I've heard that name well before today, I have a feeling there's a couple of powerful NPCs about that are Wyvernspurs.

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Equipment and Gear

Post by ^^Truth on 23rd December 2007, 10:33 pm

"Chestnut" Heavy Warhorse (see extras)
Half-Chain Barding -- 50 lb
Military Saddle -- 30 lb
Cost Mount : 860 gp

Pack Saddle : 20 lb
Cost Pack Animal : 13 gp

Half-Plate Armour : 50 lb
Chain Shirt : 25 lb
Heavy Steel Shield : 15 lb
Cost Armour : 720 gp
Weight Armour : 90 lb

Explorer's Outfit - 8 lb
Noble's Outfit x3 - 30 lb
Wyvernspur Signet Ring - 0 lb
Bracelet with Symbol of Helm - 0 lb
Thin Golden Necklace - 0 lb
Cost Clothing : 385 gp
Weight Clothing : 38 lb

Rope, Silk - 5 lb
Soap - 1 lb
Manacles - 2 lb
Bedroll - 5 lb
Winter Blanket - 3 lb
Sealing Wax - 1 lb
Shovel - 8 lb
Candle x12 - 0 lb
Chalk x3 - 0 lb
Inkpen - 0lb
Ink - 0 lb
Small Book - 0 lb
Bullseye Lantern - 3lb
Oil x4 - 4 lb
Bee's Wax x2
Equipment Cost : 52.8 gp
Equipment Weight : 34 lb

Dagger : 1 lb
Flail : 5 lb
Greatsword : 8 lb
Lance : 10 lb
Cost Weaponry : 70 gp
Total Weaponry : 24 lb

Platinum Pieces : 20
Gold Pieces : 35
Silver Pieces : 20
Copper Pieces : 14
Trade Bars : 2 x 50 gp - 3 x 10 gp
Gems : 1 x 100 gp

Total Cost : 2,500
Total Weight : 186 lb (+240 lb for Mount = 422 lb)

Personal Carrying : 50 lb - 100 lb - 150 lb
Mount Carrying : 300 lb - 600 lb - 900 lb
Mule Carrying : 230 lb - 460 lb - 690 lb

Explorer's Clothes, Half-Plate, Heavy Shield, Flail and Greatsword = 86 lb
Noble's Clothes, Chain Shirt, Dagger = 36 lb

Trail Rations : 5 3/4 days worth.

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Post by ^^Truth on 23rd December 2007, 10:40 pm

Above is Johan as I'll be starting him. Was supposed to be elven, but I've edited it a little and I think it works relatively well. He looks young after all.

This is the picture I'll be using for Johan once he's aged and leveled somewhat. The exact age and level I don't know right now, when it feels like he's grown out of his old picture, I expect earlier to mid-twenties.

Above is the Wyvernspur's coat of arms. I seriously doubt they have a real one, so the above will suffice. It's also his shield, the emblem on the back of his cloak, adorned on his golden necklace and of course stamped across his signet ring. To say he's rather proud of his heritage and family.

Above the symbol of Helm, for the record. It's on his wristlet, which doubles as his holy symbol. His right gauntlet also has the watchful eye of Helm on the back.

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Re: Dalelands - Johan Wyvernspur

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