D&D 3.5 - Planescape 2010. Gehenna Epilogue

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D&D 3.5 - Planescape 2010. Gehenna Epilogue

Post by illumination on 22nd July 2010, 2:20 am

You escort your band of a score of so primes rescued from Gehenna to the nearest bit of civilisation, as it happens its the very rough and ready Celtic town of Glorium, the gate town to Ysgard. A fair portion of your loot is divvied up, and most of your charges settle in the gatetown, or nearby, perhaps to start new lives. Others use the money to set off once their strength is back, to try and find a way to their homeworld, and a couple of adventurous types join you when you embark back to Sigil and seem to intend to see the famous city of doors for themselves.

Regardless, although it has been costly, you can each be sure of friends for life in Glorium, or help whenever you need it should you bump into any of the wanderers. You leave the settled group on agreeing to return in a few months for a party of some kind and make it back to Sigil.

Tza'rok. You part with your companions on arriving in the birdcage, although you arrange to meet them for dinner and a few drinks at the guild building next week. Your return to the guild is well received, although you are way over time, your story meets with approval and you are inducted into the guild and given a rather smart platinum pin.

Korr. You spend a little longer in Glorium and take in the mountain air. You find two mostly reliable gates to Sigil and back and do a bit of flitting between the two, your only appointment is with Tza'rok next week for some drinks at an address in the Ladies Ward.

Velenur. You are blown away by the metropolis of the city of doors and have several (usually financially costly) escapades there, although your heavily pre-briefed by the more experienced planar travelers about being wary of 'Knights of the cross trade' - whatever that is. You spend the week trying to stay out of too much trouble and browsing magical vendors wares. You are also intending on meeting for drinks with your battle allies.

Jonas. Your experiences with the ravenous and broody spider Moxelpik in Gehenna are far too traumatic to talk about. Save to say, being a deader and a crafty sort, you worked out a way to escape her lair by being carried out with the rubbish cart. You hear of where your companion Tza was last headed and get on his trail, by the time you make it to the camp the battle is all over, although you do take advantage of the handily unguarded gate to escape this mountainous hell. You make it back to the city of doors after a very long journey and have been wondering what happened to your old companions.


After deductions for charity,
75 semi precious stones (20gp each, 1500gp total value) each to Velenur, Tza'rok, Korr.
A bag of weapons to be split how you will, containing:
+1 Silver Longsword (Bytopia)
MW Cold Forged Iron Pike.
5 Silver Throwing axes.
A steel flask of holy water. (3 Vials worth)
And a small variety of serviceable yet battered looking melee weapons.


Tza'rok - 4750.
All others - 4000.

Tis early days, so decided to not penalise late comers/no shows/character changes so everyone levels but Trom gets a small 'continuity bonus'.


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