D&D 3.5 Underdark

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D&D 3.5 Underdark

Post by illumination on 1st January 2010, 3:04 am

Reserved for starting conditions text to follow...

Copy of text from RPG Objects.com Post:


We are a small group of about 4 regular contributors who are looking for another player or two who are prepared to to a bit of DMing once they are settled in. We have been going for years on OpenRPG and been playing tabletop RPGs much longer, our favoured style of game is quite RP heavy although fighting does come into it Smile

We tend to go for fairly realistic gritty type gaming (where possible with the 3.5 system) and have made a few rules changes to suit that end.

The current set up is that we are considering a 3.5 underdark campaign, with the PCs being noble drow in a house on the way up. The way our group usually works is that we designate a main DM to coordinate things, but we share the workload, each taking turns to DM in short spells.

So what we need are good roleplayers who once they have their feet under the table are prepared to do a little bit of DMing themselves so not one person is saddled with the toughest job all the time. The first few sessions and starting arrangements will be run by one of us, you would only have to worry about playing to begin with.

We are mostly UK based and therefore we tend to play on friday/sat/sunday evenings GMT time. (thats EST-5)

For a look at what we've been upto this last few years we have a forum on which all our old characters and game logs have been posted, I think its a good idea to have a look at that and see if we would work for you before jumping in. There is all sorts of stuff on there, CoC, SR, Paranoia, its just 3.5 underdark thats the current plan...

Cheers anyway, get in touch!

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