Form: IS-435 - Notification of Promotion - Clearance RED

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Form: IS-435 - Notification of Promotion - Clearance RED

Post by Tromador on 8th September 2009, 9:26 am

Form: IS-435 - Notification of Promotion. Clearance RED. To be filed in TRIPLICATE. Copies to CPU, HPD&MC, L&C

Congratulations Citizen (INSERT NAME),

In recognition of

  • Exposing Treasonous behaviour in the workplace
  • Causing the death of a Traitor
  • Supervisor's recommendation
  • Defending Alpha Complex from attack by Dinosaurs/Warbots/Mice (delete as applicable)
  • Other. Please specify ________________________________________________

You have been promoted to RED CLEARANCE. Please proceed to your nearest L&C office to be outfitted.

The Computer has determined you will best serve Alpha Complex as a TROUBLESHOOTER. Please proceed to sector (INSERT SECTOR DESIGNATION) where you will receive further instructions.

The Computer is YOUR FRIEND.


Oh dear.

You've really done it now. Life as an infrared drone might be bottom of the pile, but at least being so unimportant meant nobody noticed you and your survival chances were pretty good. Now you've clawed your way up to Red Clearance and been assigned as a troubleshooter. With great power comes great responsibility. No longer will the bed be electrified to tell you when to get up, nor the floor zap you to tell you it's time to sleep. Such things are now entirely up to you. Still, you now have a smart new red uniform and can lord it over all those stupid infrareds in their drab black jumpsuits.

Be happy. Failure to be happy is Treason.

Favoured Citizens of Alpha Complex. You will now proceed to your nearest computer interface and download file PDK#334-A Troubleshooter Indoctrination.
Failure to download file PDK#334-A Troubleshooter Indoctrination is treason.

There are rumours this information is out of date. Citizens are reminded that rumours are treason. Citizens are further reminded that the Computer is infallible.

All other files are classified ULTRAVIOLET CLEARANCE. Knowledge of the rules is TREASON. Knowledge of the existence of rules is TREASON. Mentioning the word 'rules' is TREASON.

Equipment and mission briefings will follow in due course.

The Computer is your friend.
Keep your laser handy.
Have a nice day.
Burnination in my Pantination
Burnination in my Pantination

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