Ravenloft - Adelinde Donncha

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Ravenloft - Adelinde Donncha

Post by illumination on 22nd January 2009, 10:37 am

Adelinde Donncha
Duchess of New Lanark

Strength: 10 (11)
Dexterity: 10 (11) (+1@2nd +1@4th)
Constitution: 10 (11) (+1@8th)
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 14 (+1@6th)

Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Class/Level: Warrior 8 PrC 1

Hit Points : 41
Armour Class: 17 (Platemail, Advanced Parrying)
Base Attack Bonus: +8.

Fortitude Save: +6
Reflex Save: +2
Will Save: +8


Standard: Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficency (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Weapon Specialisation (Bastard Sword), Spirited Charge, Improved Critical (Bastard Sword), Leadership, Unarmed Combat.
Storyline: Iron Will, Advanced Parrying.

Skills (52+15)

Ride* 11 (Dex) 17 (+4 Ivana's Military Saddle,+2 Handle Animal)
Climb* 5 (Str) 5
Balance* 5 (Dex) 7 (+2 Tumble)
Jump* 5 (Str) 7 (+2 Tumble)
Tumble* 5 (Dex) 7 (+2 Jump)
Diplomacy** 4 (Cha) 10 (+2 Nobility and Royalty,+2 Sense Motive)
Handle Animal 5 (Cha) 7
Knowledge Nobility and Royalty 5 (Int) 6
Knowledge Religion 2 (Int) 3
Knowledge History and Folklore 1 (Int) 3
Spot 3 (Wis) 5
Listen 3 (Wis) 5
Move Silently 1 (Dex) 1
Hide 1 (Dex) 1
Heal 1 (Wis) 2
Sense Motive 5 (Cha) 7
Bluff 2 (Cha) 4
Intimidate 2** (Cha) 4

*With Medium Plate Armour Check Penalty Apply -3 Modifier.
*With Full Plate Armour Apply -5 Modifier.
*With Shield Add -1.
** Modified by leadership feat in certain conditions

Movement: 20' Armoured.

Languages: Common, Latin

Sex: Female
Age: 28


Curiassier Style MW Full Plate Armour (Heavy +8AC, Max Dex_1 -5 check pen)
MW Medium Plate Armour (Medium, +6AC, Max Dex +0, -3check pen) As char pic
MW Large Wooden Shield, Painted with Coat of Arms.
Uniform as image but in family colours (French Grey, Blue and Scarlet)
Formal Clothing
Patterned Cloak
Family Bastard Sword
Musketoon /w 10 rnds ammunition
Plain Gold Ring on a Neck Chain
Holy Symbol
Holy Book
Quality Torches - 5
Bedroll, Sleeping Bag, Travelling Supplies for 3 days
Sturdy padded box containing a vial of black liquid

Light Warhorse, Alicia. (Charger, Destrier)

Knackers Yard

Gallahad. - Shot by Falks
Kvetava - Shredded by Zombz.

Major Injuries

Neck. - Scarring, fatal jugular cut.
Right leg. - Scarring, Permanent Nerve/Tendon damage around knee.
'You have a light limp in your right leg, it only surfaces slightly every perhaps ten steps and then not usually to the casual observer.'
Chest. - Scarring. Near fatal spear penetration on left side. Lance Penetration on left side.
'You also have a nasty purple scar on your left breast from the lance impact, which makes you quite sad, as you were rather proud of them and on one ever really saw them in their "prime"; the lance tip broke off and wasn't discovered until much later.'
Face. - Broken nose (once)
'Your nose heals fine enough and only an eagle eye would likely notice it was previously broken.'
Left Wrist. - Fractured (twice), weakened bones, hurts in cold weather.

Original Notes

Adelinde is a noble of the Donncha family which rules a fiefdom recently fallen on hard times. The family has been beset with murder and incest, the former lord, her own father having murdered his uncles wife before taking his own life when she was ten. Her uncle now rules alone and a barren plague has beset the land, crops struggle to grow and not a single healthy child has been born in years. Adelinde has only her sole surving brother to rely on and of late he has taken to drinking and gambling rather than addressing his responsibilities.

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Re: Ravenloft - Adelinde Donncha

Post by illumination on 24th January 2009, 10:08 am

New Lanark

History and Geography

Records of New Lanark within the core are scant and only really relate to the last ten years or so.

Its geography is almost unknown as the mists had the place almost totally isolated up until very recently. Details are beginning to emerge as traders and merchants are begin to go to and from the land. What is clear is that it lacks any significant natural resources and is cold, wet and windy with difficult rocky hilly and mountainous terrain. Sheep are a big deal and about the main thing they 'grow'. It seems to have a small population, maybe a twentieth or less of that of Darkon and no major cities or industry to speak of. The full extent of its land area in the interior remains unknown.

Its technology level is broadly late middle ages but due to its isolation and lack of trade with neighbours it hasn't got the smattering of imports from Lamordia and Falkovnia that other less advanced nations have. Firearms remain almost entirely non existent.

It has a feudal system of government determined by hereditary rule. The ruler of the land seems to be a Duke rather than a King, why it is unclear, perhaps it was once a part of another, larger Kingdom. The term 'new' in its name seems to reinforce this speculation, it's origins seem to be as a colony of some sort. The seat of rulership is the aptly named Castle Lanark, which also is the ancestral home of the Donncha clan. In the dim and distant past the land was loosely ruled by quite savage chiefs and clans, the old religion was pagan and echoes of that history remain in the wilder parts.

Castle Lanark is perched on a spit of land jutting into Loch Erskine, half a mile away from Glenyon, a town of several thousand souls on the shore of the fresh water lake. Glenlyon is also the largest settlement in the land.

New Lanark's only obvious strategic importance is its location, nestled between the two great powers of Falkovnia and Darkon. It is fortunate, or unfortunate enough depending on one's view to offer a (rocky and dangerous) invasion route from one to the other.

Military (Reorganised in 1806)

Command Group

Commander in Chief - The Serving Duke/Duchess
Commander of the Army - Colonel Sir Samuel Johansson
Senior Soldier - Warrant Officer (Sergeant Major) Richard Brandt

Formation Commanders* (Each has a Captain as second in command and a Staff Sergeant third)

*One of these on duty at all times in Castle Lanark as Commander of the Keep
**One always away doing a six week tour as the Commander of the Garrison at Lowesofte
***Occasionally Captain Sir Dewar double shifts as Commander of the Royal Guard and Commander of the Keep

Major Nathan Hawkes - Officer Commanding - Infantry Brigade
Major Alistair Burns - Officer Commanding - Cavalry Brigade
Major Ross Laing - Officer Commanding - Artillery Brigade

Lieutenant-Scout - Kendrik Darrow - Officer Commanding - Scout Division

Other Notables

Captain Sir Dewar - Commander of the Royal Guard
Lieutenant Baird - Second in Command of the Royal Guard

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